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Julian Hurley, 25 years old, born in Buckinghamshire and grew up in Nottingham. I'm a Web Designer and and Junior Front End Web Developer, fluent in HTML 5, CSS 3 and soon to be a Wordpress theme developer. Also familiar with tweaking javascript, PHP snippets and databases. Allot of my work utilises Bootstrap, providing that much needed and beautiful mobile responsiveness.

Graduated from Trent University in September 2014 with a 2:1 in BA Hons Digital Multimedia. Personal development continues in social hours by accessing the resources on CodeAcademy and Udemy, with Javascript and Wordpress being the current focus.

Currently working for an E-commerce/Marketing agency based in Nottingham. With the majority focus being designing and developing websites for e-commerce (Opencart).

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Front End Web Developer

Your website is virtually a shop window, displaying your product and services for the whole world to see. I can design and develop sites with modern, clean and intuitive layouts which captures the viewers attention and drives conversions.


For many things a well formed strategy is vital, what is the purpose for doing something? Something should be done for a reason and foreseeing the results.


Bootstrap is a fantastic platform that allows developers to create optimised and mobile friendly sites for that great user experience. It's one of those platforms that all front end developers should know and must take full advantage.


HTML 5 was released a few years ago and has quickly been adopted across the web spectrum. For myself this is my native language and everything is created within HTML 5 markup.


CSS 3 brings much loved styling to the table, that allows us to style HTML and create great looking websites. Along with HTML 5, I'm also fluent in CSS 3.


Recently I have adopted Wordpress as a fantastic CMS, allowing clients to easily edit content on their websites. Typically I'll build the website in Bootstrap, HTML 5 and CSS 3, which then I'll convert into it's own unique beautiful theme.

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